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Seed Beads - Glass Seed Beads - Tiny Beads

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Seed Beads - Glass Seed Beads - Tiny Beads


Glass seed beads are small, usually round beads of near uniform size. They are used for stringing, jewelry, embellishments for clothing and accessories, loom weaving, and more.

Glass seed beads come in a variety of styles, finishes, colors, and sizes. They are sized by number, referred to as "aught" which is often seen written as something like "10/0" and spoken as "ten-aught". Generally the higher the number the smaller bead, so for example a 10/0 glass seed bead would be smaller than a 3/0 bead.

While the aught system of classifying glass seed beads is widely used it is not absolute and will vary somewhat between manufacturers and countries of origin. Below is a chart to give a general reference of aught sizes.

Aught Reference Size in mm
6/0 4.0mm - 4.3mm
7/0 3.4mm - 4.0mm
8/0 2.5mm - 3.1mm
9/0 2.2mm - 2.7mm
10/0 2.0mm - 2.3mm
11/0 1.8mm - 2.1mm
12/0 1.7mm - 1.9mm
13/0 1.5mm - 1.7mm
14/0 1.4mm - 1.6mm
15/0 1.3mm - 1.4mm
16/0 1.2mm - 1.4mm
Seed Beads - Glass Seed Beads - Tiny Beads
Do you have a special bead project that you have created? Have you thought about writing it down into a pattern? Would you like to share it with others? Send a copy of your pattern, along with your name, address, phone number and a .jpg photo of the finished project to info @ bjcraftsupplies.com (without the spaces) and we will publish it on our web site for you!

All submissions must be the original product of the submitter. Personal information will be kept confidential except for what the submitter consents to have published with his pattern. Submitter must attest that he/she is the creator/owner of the pattern and photo submitted. Editor reserves the right to edit patterns for clarity, if needed.

Important Note! All bead photos shown are representative of the product only. Assortment packages may not include the exact colors and quantities shown. Colors may vary from one lot to the next so be sure to order all the beads you need at one time to avoid problems matching colors.
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