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Site Map

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2 Hole - Carrier Beads  2 Hole Beads - DiamonDuo Beads  2 Hole Candy Beads  2 Hole Honeycomb Beads 
2 Hole Link Beads  2 Hole SuperDuo Beads  AB Beads -Faceted  AB Flower Beads 
AB Heart Beads  AB Pearl Beads  AB Pony Beads  AB Pony Beads 
AB Pony Beads -OP  AB Rice Beads  AB Starflake Beads  Acrylic Beads (3) 
Alphabet Beads  Animal Beads  Beading Wire  Berry Beads - 15mm 
Berry Beads - 20mm  Birthstone Beads  Bugle Beads - Glass Bugle Beads  Butterfly Beads 
Cat Eye Beads  Christian Beads  E Beads  Faceted Beads - 10mm 
Faceted Beads - 12mm  Faceted Beads - 18mm  Faceted Beads - 4mm  Faceted Beads - 6mm 
Faceted Beads - 8mm  Faceted Beads - Other  Feather Beads  Flower Beads (2) 
Gemstone Beads  Glass beads (1)  Gold & Silver Rosebud Beads  Gold Plated - Oval 
Gold Round Beads  Hairpipe Beads  Hematite Beads  Iridescent Seed Beads 
Leaf Beads  Letter Beads  Magnetic Beads  Mardi Gras Beads 
Metal Beads  Metal Colored Beads - Metallic Beads  Metallic Beads  More Beads (1) 
Opaque Seed Beads  Oval Beads  Pearl Beads (1)  Pearl Seed Beads 
Pony Bead Shapes  Pony Beads - OP  Pony Beads - TR  Pony Hearts 
Pony Sports Balls  Rice Beads (1)  Rice Beads (2)  Rocaille Beads 
Round Beads  SemiĀ PreciousĀ Beads  Silver Plated - Oval  Silver Plated - Round 
Spacer Beads  Starflake Beads - 12mm  Starflake Beads - 25mm  Starflake-10mm 
Sunburst Beads  Sunburst Beads - 10mm  Sunburst Beads - 18mm  Teardrop Beads (1) 
Teardrop Beads (2)  Three Hole Beads  Transparent Seed Beads  Tri Beads 
Tube Beads  Wood Beads 

Belt Supplies

Belt Buckles (1)  Inserts  Pewter Belt Buckles  Silver Belt Buckles (1) 
Texas Belt Buckles 

BJ's Craft Supplies

BJ's Craft Supplies 

Bolo Tie Supplies

Bolo Cords - 36" Cloth  Bolo Cords - 42" Vinyl  Bolo Cords - 42" Cloth  Braided Cord 
Slides (1)  Tips 


Clock Faces (1)  Clock Hands  Clock Movements  Novelty Clock Faces 
Other Clock Supplies 


Bead Trims  Cords  Cords (1)  Metallic Cords 
Paper Twist  Rattail Cord  Suede Cord 


Air Freshener Dolls (1)  Angel Wings (1)  Angel Wings (2)  Angel Wings (3) 
Cat Eyes  Clothes Hangers  Clown Heads  Craft Dolls 
Doll Basics  Doll Glasses  Doll Hair  Doll Hats (1) 
Doll Hats - Top Hats  Doll Heads  Doll Heads  Doll Parts 
Eye Accessories  Eyes - Animal 12mm  Eyes - Animal 15-16.5mm  Eyes - Animal 18mm 
Eyes - Animal 20mm  Eyes - Animal 24mm  Eyes - Animal 30mm  Eyes - Animal 6-8mm 
Eyes - Animal 9-10mm  Eyes - Doll (1)  Eyes - Doll (2)  Eyes - Oval Wiggle Paste On 
Eyes - Sew on Round Wiggle  Eyes - Wiggle Paste On  Half Doll Bodies  Mini Cowboy Hats 
More Doll Hats  Noses - Animal  Plastic Frog Eyes  Santas 
Toilet Tissue Dolls 


Floral Accents  Floral Leaves & Stamen  Ribbon Flowers (2)  Wreath Frames 

General Craft Supplies

Bandanas  Baskets  Beading Supplies  Bells 
Bottle Caps  Boxes- Wooden  Canvas Tote Bags  Chalkboards 
Clips  Cones  Craft Mirrors  Craft Supplies 
Doilies  Feathers  Felt Fabric  Foamie Sheets 
Foamie Stickers  Glass Jars and Bottles  Glitters  Glue 
Hair Accessories  Hardware  Indian Art  Leis 
Magnets  Marbles  Metal  Office Supplies 
Organizers  Paper Mache - Boxes  Paper Mache - Ornaments  Paracord 
Party Supplies  Pipe Cleaners  Plastic Rings  Plate Displays 
Pom Poms  Pom Poms  Pom Poms  PomPoms 
Purses - Purse Supplies  Rings  Safety Pins  Stickers 
Straw  Styrofoam  Suction Cups  Sun Visors 
Tissue Paper  Tools  Washi Tape 

Holiday Crafts

Christmas - Lighted Decorations  Christmas Decorations (2)  Christmas Decorations (3)  Christmas Garland 
Christmas Miniatures  Christmas Ornaments (1)  Christmas Ornaments (2)  Christmas Trees 
Curling Ribbon  Easter Crafts  Fillable Ornaments  Halloween Decorations 
Independence Day  Sisal  Snowflakes  Snowman - Snowmen 
Thanksgiving & Fall  Tree Topper  Valentine's Day 

Information Pages

About Us  Contact Us  Donations & Samples  Frequently Asked Questions 
Ordering Information  Payment Information  Printable Order Form  Privacy Information 
Refunds  Return Policy  Search This Site  Shipping Information 
Site Map  Terms of Service  Testimonials  What's New 

Instruction Books

Bead Instructions  Christmas Pattern Instruction Books  Clothespin Pattern Books  Crochet Patterns 
Cross Stitch Pattern Books (2)  Dollmaking  Embroidery Projects  Fashion Accessory Books 
Home-Decorating Patterns  Jewelry Instruction Books  Kids Pattern Books  Macrame Projects 
Misc Patterns  Misc Patterns (1)  Paper Crafts  Plastic Canvas Pattern Books 
Pom Pom Crafts 

Jewelry Findings

Bead Caps  Bracelet Findings  Charms - Cross  Charms - Heart 
Charms - Pewter  Charms - Western  Clasps  Crimp Beads 
Earring Findings (1)  Earring Findings (2)  Filigree Findings (1)  Filigree Findings (2) 
Jeweled Charms  Jewelry Chains  Jewelry Connectors  Jewelry Cords 
Jewelry Pins  Jewelry Thread  Jewelry Wire  Jump Rings 
Key Rings -pg1  Key Rings -pg2  Misc Jewelry Findings  Nailheads 
NailHeads (3)  NailHeads (4)  NailHeads -pg1  Necklace Pendants 
Pins - Jewelry (2)  Tools  Wine Charms 


Angel Birthstone Kits  Angel Doll Kits  Angel Mobiles  Angel Ornaments 
Angels  Beaded Baskets  Beaded Boxes  Beaded Candle Holders 
Beaded Clock Kits  Beaded Lights  Beaded Ornaments  Beaded Purses 
Birthstone Kits  Chainmaille Kits  Christmas Decorating Kits  Christmas Decoration Kits 
Christmas Kits with Lights  Christmas Ornaments (1)  Christmas Tree Kits  Easter Kits 
Fall Holiday Craft Kits  Jewelry Kits (1)  Misc Kits  Other Bead Crafts 
Patriotic Crafts 

Lamp Supplies

Flower Pot Lamp Instructions  Misc Supplies  Night Lights  Pegged Ornaments (1) 


Angels (1)  Angels (2)  Animal - Assorted Figures  Animal - Bears 
Animal - Birds (2)  Animal - Bugs  Animal - Bunnies  Animal - Butterflies 
Animal - Cats  Animal - Deer  Animal - Mice  Animal - Misc 
Animal - Water Animals  Artificial Bird Nests - Bird Houses  Boats  Brooms 
Clothespins  Coin Charms  Flower Pots  Furniture 
Garden  Hay  Kitchen Miniatures  Mini Buckets and Tubs 
Mini Nauticals  Pinewood Derby  Religious  Shower - Baby (1) 
Shower - Baby (2)  Shower - Bridal (1)  Shower - Wedding (2)  Sports & School 


Music Box Movements  Parts 

Party Supplies

Ordering Online 

Patterns (free)

Clay Pot Christmas Santa & Mrs. Claus Craft Instr  Beaded Choir Kids  Beaded Choir Kids  Beaded Christmas Angel Ornament 
Beaded Christmas Angel Ornament -Page 2  Beaded Fall Jewelry Pin  Beaded Mini Candles  Beaded Mini Candy Canes 
Beaded Mini Christmas Wreath  Beaded Plant Hanger  Beaded Safety Pin Christmas Tree  Beaded Safety Pin Christmas Tree -pg2 
Beaded Safety Pin Christmas Tree -pg3  Beaded Safety Pin Christmas Tree -pg3  Beaded Safety Pin Poinsettia Wreath  Beaded Safety Pin Poinsettia Wreath -Page 2 
Beaded Tea Ball  Bird Nest Tree Ornament  Bug Village  Christmas Angel with Plastic Canvas 
Christmas Angel with Plastic Canvas  Christmas Angel with Plastic Canvas  Christmas Angels  Christmas Candy Canes 
Christmas Gift Jar  Christmas Ornament with Snowman  Clay Pot Christmas Elf  Clay Pot Christmas Snowmen 
Clothespin Santas  Clothespin Snowmen  Clothespin Vampire Bats  Cute Wood Tag Snowmen Family 
Delightful Christmas Candy Basket  Easy Christmas Decorations & Ornaments  Easy Round Christmas Ornaments  Elegant Christmas Candies Serving Basket 
Festive Potpourri Bowl  Fun & Funky Tote Bag  Fun Angel Ornaments  Fun Halloween Pumpkins 
Graveyard Ghouls  Halloween Ghost Project  Holiday Crystal Snowflakes  Holiday Sun Visors 1 
Holiday Sun Visors 2  More Sequin Christmas Ornaments  Quick Halloween Spiders  Recycled Christmas Gift Jar 
Reversible Beaded Collar  Rustic Birdhouse Miniature  Safety Pin Bracelet Pattern  Safety Pin Bracelet Pattern 
Safety Pin Bracelet with Faceted Beads  Sequin Christmas Ornaments  Snap Swivel Bracelet  Snap Swivel Bracelet 
Special Holiday Candle Centerpiece  Tea Light Snowman  Thanksgiving Flower Pot Turkey  Tin Can Frankenstein 
Tiny Beaded Christmas Angels  Tiny Beaded Christmas Angels 

Plastic Canvas

Shapes  Sheets - 7 mesh  Sheets- 14 mesh  Supplies 


10mm Rhinestones  11mm Rhinestones  12mm Rhinestones  13mm Rhinestones 
15mm Rhinestones  18mm Rhinestones  25mm Rhinestones  3mm Rhinestones 
5mm Rhinestones  7mm Rhinestones  8mm Rhinestones  9mm Rhinestones 
Assorted Round Rhinestones  Cabochons (1)  Rhinestone Settings  Rhinestones- Hearts 
Rhinestones- Leaves  Rhinestones- Oval  Rhinestones- Teardrop  Rhinestones-Navette 
Rhinestones-Squares  Rhinestones-Stars  Stick On Rhinestones 

Scrapbook Supplies

Albums  Stickers 


Cup Sequins -10mm  Cup Sequins -5mm  Cup Sequins -8mm  Heart Sequins 
Leaf Sequins  Paillette Sequins  Sequins  Sequins 
Snowflake Sequins  Star Sequins  Sunburst Sequins 


Beading Supplies  Burlap  Buttons (1)  Buttons (2) 
Elastic Cord  Embroidery  Embroidery Floss 3000-3099  Embroidery Floss 3300-3399 
Embroidery Floss 3600-3699  Embroidery Floss 3700-3799  Embroidery Floss 800-899  Embroidery Floss 900-999 
Embroidery Floss - 3800-3899  Embroidery Thread 100-199  Embroidery Thread 200-299  Embroidery Thread 400-499 
Embroidery Thread 500-599  Embroidery Thread 600-699  Embroidery Thread 700-799  Embroidery Thread 000 - 099 
Embroidery Thread 300-399  Fringe Trim  Lace - Double  Lace - Single 
Lace - Triple  Needles (1)  Pins (1)  Ribbon (2) 
Ribbon - Satin  Ribbon Flowers (1)  Safety Pins  Sequin String - Sequin Trim 

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes (1) 

Wood Crafts

Boats & Lighthouses  Clothes Pins  Cutouts  Misc (1) 
Unfinished Wood Crafts  Wooden Boxes 
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