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Doll Clothes Hangers - Doll Hangers - Mini Clothes Hangers - Barbie Doll Hangers

Doll clothes hangers are perfect for hanging up tiny wardrobes. Barbie always needs doll hangers for her clothes too.
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Doll Clothes Hanger With Heart - Black -  - Doll Clothes Hangers(Click to enlarge)  

Doll Clothes Hanger With Heart - 4" - BLACK

 BLACK  - pc
QTY Price
pc 1.49
 Category: Doll Clothes Hangers Item # 2422-27 
Doll Clothes Hangers - BLACK -  - Doll Clothes Hangers(Click to enlarge)  

Doll Clothes Hangers - 2" - BLACK

 BLACK  - 3 pc
Plastic coated metal hanger. 
QTY Price
3 pc 2.49
 Category: Doll Clothes Hangers Item # 1603-65 
Doll Clothes Hangers - BLACK -  - Doll Clothes Hangers(Click to enlarge)  

Doll Clothes Hangers - 3" - BLACK

 BLACK  - 3 pc
Plastic coated metal hanger. 
QTY Price
3 pc 2.79
 Category: Doll Clothes Hangers Item # 1603-66 
Doll Coat Hangers - Natural -  - Doll Clothes Hangers(Click to enlarge)  

Doll Coat Hangers - Approx. 1 7/8" - NATURAL

 NATURAL  - 4 pc

* Temporarily out of stock. 
QTY Price
4 pc 2.49
 Category: Doll Clothes Hangers Item # 2307-25 
Plastic Doll Clothes Hanger - WHITE -  - Doll Clothes Hangers(Click to enlarge)  

Plastic Doll Clothes Hanger - 7" - WHITE

 WHITE  - 3 pcs
Plastic hanger has catches on bottom and on top to hold your doll's garments securely. 
QTY Price
3 pcs 2.69
 Category: Doll Clothes Hangers Item # 1237-67 
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