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What do OP and TR stand for?
The letters OP and TR are abbreviations for Opaque and Transparent. An Opaque bead is a solid color that light cannot pass through. Transparent beads allow light to pass through the bead. For example, a glass of milk would be considered opaque while a glass of iced tea would be considered transparent.

Do you provide samples of your products?
Due to the high volume of requests, we no longer send samples of any of our products.

Do you require a minimum order amount?
Yes, due to rising costs we require a minimum order of (not including shipping).

How do I order from your company?
Please visit our order/payment page for help.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?
Sorry, we don't offer wholesale pricing at this time, however we may be able to extend discounts for large orders of some products. Call us with your information and we can give you a quote. (361) 645-3325

How do I order a printed catalog from you?
We do not have a catalog at this time, however, we can print out small sections of our website for you. You may also print out any section you wish.

What does mm mean?
mm is the abbreviation for millimeter.  25.4 millimeters is approximately 1 inch.

Why do we ask for your phone number and/or email address?
We ask for this information in the event we have questions and need to contact you about your order. Occasionally we do not have what you ordered in stock, or maybe we aren't clear about the information in your order.  A phone number or email address allows us to contact you.  It is our policy to keep your information completely private.  We do not (and will not in the future) share our customer information with any other party.   If you still prefer not to provide us with this information we will still do our best to fill your order to the best of our ability.  If you do not receive your order within a reasonable amount of time please call us to verify that there was no problems in filling your order.

Do you sell paint and paint supplies?
Sorry, we do not offer paints and paint supplies at this time.

Do you offer discount pricing on quantity or bulk orders?
All regular pricing is shown on our website. However, we may be able to extend discounts for large orders of some products. Call us with your information and we can give you a quote. (361) 645-3325

I cannot see your enlargement pictures. Why?
For your convenience, all of our enlargement photos open into a smaller, new window so that you don't have to navigate back to the page you were viewing and wait for it to load again. If you are using browser pop-up controls or blockers you might experience problems. To avoid problems, we recommend that you temporarily disable pop-up controls when visiting our site. Rest assured that we do not engage in any sort of popup advertising.

Why can't you reply to my AOL email address?
AOL uses very agressive anti spam filters. While it is great for reducing spam it causes major problems for legitimate business emails which are also flagged as spam by AOL. We do not want our AOL customers to think that we did not reply to their inquiry when the truth is that we did reply but AOL bounced it.  
AOL tells us that the end user (you) has the ability to control the agressiveness of their personal spam filter. However, it has been our experience that many AOL users do not know this and do not have their email set to be able to receive our responses to your inquiry.



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