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Special Sequin Christmas Ornaments - Free Christmas Craft Instructions

Special Christmas Ornaments with Sequins - Free Christmas Craft Instructions

Contributed by Pam Stryker

Revisit Christmas craft ideas of past years with a new twist. These attractive Christmas ornaments are made from sequin and bead trim. Use your imagination to create the perfect color combination for your decor.

~ ~ ~
Materials Needed:


Thread a sequin cup onto pin. Dip tip of pin into craft glue and insert into styrofoam ball. Repeat process, placing each sequin next to the previous ones in such a way that the entire ball is covered with sequin.

Hot glue the end of the beadtrim to the ball. Wrap it around the ball until it meets the beginning of the string. Cut and hot glue in place. Repeat this process again around the center of the ball.

Using a fresh sequin pin poke a hole through a sequin into the ball where you want the top of the ball to be. Cut a 6" piece of craft wire and bend in half. Dip both ends into glue and insert into the hole you just made. Let dry. This will form your ornament hanger.

Create a bow shape with the beadtrim and secure in center with a spot of hot glue to hold its shape. Be sure to use enough beadttrim to allow some to hang down near the bottom of the ball ornament. Hot glue at the top of the ornament right against the hanger.

Make enough to decorate your whole tree.


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