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Free Holiday Craft Pattern - Holly and Ribbon Christmas Candies Serving Bas

Free Holiday Craft Pattern - Holly and Ribbon Christmas Candies Serving Basket

Contributed by Pam Stryker

Make this elegant basket to display those irresistible christmas candies. Both decorative and useful this basket is sure to enhance your holiday decor. Elegant and easy to make this basket is perfect for tables, trays, hanging on the tree, and giving as gifts. You can also use these baskets to hold name placecards at the Christmas dinner table.

~ ~ ~
Materials Needed:
  • 1 - Small gold flat basket
  • Jar lid or small round piece of styrofoam
  • Christmas floral pics of holly and pine cones.
  • Small piece of green christmas ribbon
  • Hot Glue


Use the lid or styrofoam as the foundation for gluing your floral pieces leaves to. Cut small sections of leaves and pinecones from your pics and hot glue to your foundation so that they will extend slightly beyond the outside of your basket, leaving the center of the foundation empty (to place your basket later). You may need to fill in gaps with single leaves cut from your pics.

Place your basket in the center of the foundation and hot glue into place.

Tie your ribbon into a bow and hot glue off center on one side or the other.

Fill with candy canes.


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