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Styrofoam Snowman Christmas Ornament - Free Christmas Project Pattern

Styrofoam Snowman Christmas Ornament - Free Christmas Project Pattern

Decorate your tree with these cool snowman Christmas ornaments. These traditional ornament shapes are anything but ordinary. Fun and easy to make with this free christmas project pattern. All materials that we carry and are listed in the material list are linked to the page on this site where you can purchase the product.

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Note: For your convenience all materials listed below have been linked to the appropriate page on our site where possible.
Materials Needed per Ornament:


If your egg or oval does not have an inset you will need to cut out an oval shape inset into one side of your styrofoam shape. It doesn't need to be exact or perfectly smooth.

Fold a 6" piece of wire in half. Dip ends into glue and stick into top end of ornament, let dry. Once dry, hold or suspend your ornament by the wire and spray with gold paint on all sides and into the inset. Let dry.

Using toothpick make a hole inside the inset at the top. Trim ornament wire hanger to 1" and dip in glue. Use toothpick to guide hanger wire into hole and let dry.

Squeeze a line of glue around the outside edge of the inset and position leaf sequins so that each one slightly overlaps the previous one. On the last sequin tuck the outside under the first sequin to make it look continuous. Let dry.