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Yo-Yo Angels Ornament

Yo-Yo Angels - Free Craft Project Instructions

Contributed by Eileen Herron, Family Corner Magazine, with permission

These adorable yo-yo angels are the perfect gift for Mom, Grandma, your best friend, or anyone you feel would appreciate their comfort.

~ ~ ~
Materials Needed:


For the wings, run a stitch from the top of the yo-yo down to the hole in the yo-yo and pull down. Tie off. This will look similar to a heart. The finished yo-yos should measure about 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Lay the wings on your work surface, hole side up. Position yo-yos so that the bumps of the wings show above the dress (see photo). Hot glue the dress on top of the wings, hole side facing up. Glue a button and/or ribbon bow to the center of the yo-yo dress.

Use tacky glue to adhere several beads or sequins to the top of the button or furniture plug to create the hair. The easiest way to do this is to put the glue on then dip the plug into the beads. With your fine tip marker or a stylus or toothpick and black paint, dot on two eyes. Use damp Q-Tip and blusher to create cheeks. Glue the face toward the top of the dress, so that the top of the button or furniture plug is flush with the top of the dress (use photo as a guide).

Wrap a piece of gold wire around a fat marker (Sharpie is a great size), trim ends. Dab some tacky glue in between the wings and the dress and slide the halo in. Allow to dry completely.

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