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Beaded Pearl Necklace - Free Craft Jewelry Instructions

Contributed by BJ's Craft Supplies

Dress up your outfit with this stunning beaded pearl necklace. You can wear it on either side for a different look Make any outfit special.

~ ~ ~
Materials Needed:
    Note: The beaded pearl necklace shown is not done exactly like the pattern. See information below for material used in this photo.
  • Beading Thread or Monofilament Line and size 7beading needle
  • 194 pc- 4mm White Pearls
  • 244 pc- 3mm White Pearls
  • 251 pc- 3 x 6mm White Pearl Rice Beads
  • 61 - 6mm Faceted Beads in crystal
  • 1 - 2 strand adjustable necklace clasp

  • Alternate material list.
  • Substitute 366 pc - 2.5mm pearls for the 3mm pearls
  • Substitute 61 - Gold beads of your choice for the 6mm Facceted Beads
  • In instruction #5, use 6 of the alternate 2.5mm beads in place of the 3mm, and replace the faceted bead with the alternate gold one.


1. Knot thread to each of the loops of the necklace clasp. See figure 2.

2. Thread the needle and place 1-4mm pearl on the left thread and 2-4mm pearls on the right thread. See figure 2.

3. Refer to figure 3 and bring the left thread through the 2nd bead on the right thread. Repeat step 2 and 3 until all of the 4mm pearls are used. Knot onto other side of the necklace clasp, glue all 4 knots and trim excess thread when dry.

4. Thread your needle with another piece of jewelry thread and fasten to the lower loop of the adjustable necklace clasp. See figure 4 and thread through the 5 beads as shown. Thread on 7 - 3x6mm oat pearls. Thread through the 3rd pearl in the bottom row as shown  to create the first loop.

 5. Refer to figure 5 and thread 4 - 3mm pearls, 1 - 6mm faceted bead, 4 - 3x6mm oat pearls and then go through the 4th bead on the necklace as shown in figure 5 and continue until only one pearl is left on the bottom row. Knot off your thread.

6. See image at top of page for a picture of the finished necklace.

7. Knot all 4 pieces together at the original knot of each.

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