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Flower Pot Lamp Instructions - Alternative Pot Materials


Flower Pot Lamps are thought to have been begun by campers who wanted to light the awnings of their campers. Today flower pot lamps are a popular craft project for many uses. Flower pot lamps can be made with many combinations of beads or bead pegs. Don't let your imagination be limited only to this set of flower pot lamp instructions. These pots can be strung together for patios and outdoor gathering places. Below is a list of possible alternatives from our readers for the Lawnware Flower Pots.

~ ~ ~


  • 6" or larger PVC duct pipe works well. You may be able to find this at your local hardware store. If not, we found some online at
  • Small plastic trash cans at a "dollar store" type store or even at your local Walmart.
  • Heavy Duty plastic kitchen bowls.
  • Visit your local hardware and plumbing store. Be creative and browse the drainage and sewer pipe isles. Don't overlook the potential of corrugated sewer pipe.
  • If you have found any other alternatives for the flower pots please share it with us so we can share it with our readers.

    **Don't forget to look for "end caps" if you use any type of pipe material.

    Click here for complete lamp pot instructions.

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