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Plastic Canvas Instructions

Plastic Canvas Perpetual Calendar


Never be without a calendar again. Create this lovely perpetual calendar with plastic canvas, yarn, lace, and a few miniatures.

~ ~ ~
Materials Needed:
  • 2 yds - 1 3/8" eyelet, white
  • 2 pcs - 7 mesh plastic canvas, Peach
  • 2 pcs 7 mesh plastic canvas, White
  • 40 yds. Nylon yarn, Brown
  • 30 yds Nylon yarn, Fleshtone (Peach)
  • 9" - 1/8" Satin ribbon, Peach
  • 3 small Ribbon roses, Peach
  • 1 - 1 1/2" Basket
  • Sewing thread to match flesh yarn
  • Tiny bit of gypsophelia or baby's breath
  • Tacky glue
  • Optional: bits of various color yarn


Plastic Canvas Perpetual Calendar
Plastic Canvas Perpetual Calendar
Plastic Canvas Perpetual Calendar
Plastic Canvas Perpetual Calendar

Cut WHITE canvas as follows:

14 pieces that are 1 hole x 66 holes

50 pieces that are 9 holes x 8 holes

2 pieces that are 3 holes x 21 holes

14 pieces that are 3 holes x 66 holes

2 pieces that are 1 hole x 21 holes

12 pieces that are 8 holes x 20 holes

Also, cut 4 pieces 5 x 6 holes and shape as shown in fig.1

And cut 3 pieces 4 x 6 holes and shape as shown in fig.2

Stitch numerals and months with backstitch, using brown yarn on white canvas, according to graphs at bottom of page.

Attach weekday letters with brown yarn using backstitch, going through both white letter and peach canvas. DO NOT overcast edges of letters, as this causes a bulky appearance. Place letters as in Fig. 3.

Baste runners (1 x 66) in place with sewing thread on peach canvas starting in 28th hole down, 3rd hole in from the left. Repeat for each runner, stitching in 10th hole down for each row.

Place dividers (3 x 66) over runners and stitch as in Fig. 4, using a long running stitch thru the center hole with flesh yarn.

Attach dividers and runners for current month at top of calendar, using same method as above. Begin 1st row in 5th hole down from top, 8th hole in from left. Place 2nd row in 10th hole down from first row. See diagram.

Overcast edge of peach canvas (just the top piece) with flesh yarn.

Now, using the 2nd piece of peach canvas, attach the runners and dividers the same as on the front, see photo.

Glue eyelet to underside of yarn on outside edges of calendar. See diagram.

When glue is dry attach top and bottom pieces of peach canvas together with flesh yarn using a running stitch. Be careful to match holes so edges are even.

Cut basket in half and glue to canvas. Glue flowers in place.

Extra pieces (9 x 8) are to use for special occasions. I have designed a few, but I am sure you will want to do some of your own. A nice touch is to glue appropriate miniatures instead of stitching, or perhaps a wedding ring or two for an anniversary. Tiny pre-painted wood pieces work well for many occasions. quilting bee scheduled? Glue on a tiny quilt piece.

Plastic Canvas Perpetual Calendar

Plastic Canvas Perpetual Calendar

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