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 Plastic Canvas Angel - Christmas Angel with Plastic Canvas - Free Christmas Craft Instructions

Plastic Canvas Angel
Plastic Canvas Angel


Contributed by Kathy La Salle & Patricia Gonzales


Create this lovely Christmas Angel made with Plastic Canvas for your table, centerpiece or even as a tree topper. While the illustrations might make her seem a little outdated, with a little imagination you can bring her into today. Perhaps you can use some colorful or metallic cords or yarns to add patterns to the plastic canvas, add a little well placed lace or ribbon, seed beads sown into the stitching, a little glitter or anything else that you can come up to make your angel as unique and special as you are!

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Materials Needed:


Cut out all of the pattern pieces as illustrated below.

Stitch all of the pieces according to the pattern and attach the beads before assembling. You will want to do any of your own additions or changes to it before assembling also.

To stitch the pieces together use long stitches and overcast stitches on all of the outside edges except the long sides of the angel's six skirt sections (Piece A). Leave these edges and long edges of the sleeves (Piece B) unstitched for now.

Sew on your iridescent beads following the graph for bead placement and stitching.

Pattern for skirt part of plastic canvas angel pattern.
Figure A. Cut 6 pieces according to pattern.

Pattern for sleeves part of plastic canvas angel pattern.
Figure B. Cut 2 pieces according to pattern.

Pattern for plastic canvas angel pattern wings.
Wings. Cut 1 piece according to pattern.

Pattern for the bodice of the plastic canvas angel pattern wings.
Bodice. You need 1 piece with the center cut out as shown in the pattern.

Pattern for plastic canvas angel pattern halo.
Halo. Only 1 needed. Trim off outer 4 rows.


Stitching diagram for skirt for plastic canvas angel pattern.
Begin at the bottom of the sleeve and stitch up on odd numbered rows and down on even numbers as shown. Use long stitches to complete the center line. Use 7 beads for each skirt piece. Add additional stitching and embellishments as desired.

Stitching diagram for ssleeves for plastic canvas angel pattern.
Use the same technique to stitch the sleeve as you did on the skirt. Use 4 beads for each sleeve and add attitional stitching and embellishments as desired.

Stitching diagram for the bodice piece for plastic canvas angel pattern.
.Use the diagram to place your stitching and beads. Sew or glue beads around the doll's head.

Stitching diagram for the wings for plastic canvas angel pattern.
Stitch as shown on both sides of the wings. Sew beads and other embellishments onto the wings.

Stitching diagram for the halo on the plastic canvas angel pattern.
Stitch as shown in the diagram on both sides. Sew beads onto both sides. Use a long straight pin inserted into a bead and through the hole in the halo. Add a drop of glue to the end of your straight pin and push through angel's head. Let dry.


1. Stitch each gown section using overcast stitches to join both of the (A) edges, forming a cone like shape. Use the same method to form sleeves, joining (B) edges together on each sleeve.

2. Using a 12" piece of cord, lace through the empty top hole in each of the 3 cones then through one sleeve. Continue through the remaining 3 cones and sleeve. Pull tightly and knot off. Trim thread.

3. Using another 12" piece of cord, lace through the second hold from the bottom of each cone, pull together, knot and trim thread.

4. Stitch sleeves into place.

5. Glue hands in sleeves.

6. Glue bodice to top of gown and stitch front and back to the gown.

7. If using a doll pic head insert the wire into the center of the bodice. If using a wooden or styrofoam ball glue the head into place.

8. Attach the halo to the head with a straight pin. If using a wooden ball for the head glue halo into place.

9. Stitch wings to the bodice.

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