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 Silver Plated Oval Beads

Silver plated oval beads in a variety of sizes, also referred to as silver rice beads.

BJ's Craft Supplies

Metallic Bead Strand - SILVER - (Click to enlarge)

Metallic Bead Strand - 12 x 15mm

 SILVER - 12 pc (Approx)
Silver plated, oblong beads. Silver plated oblong metallic bead strand. 12 x 15mm beads. 7 inch strand. 1 strand per package
QTY: 12 pc (Approx)          Price: 3.49
Item #: 1999-2231
Metallic Fish Bead Strand - Silver Plated - Metallic Beads(Click to enlarge)

Metallic Fish Bead Strand - 14 x 21mm

 SILVER PLATED - 12 pc (Approx)
Silver plated metallic fish beads. 7 inch strand approx 12 pc.
QTY: 12 pc (Approx)          Price: 3.49
Item #: 1999-2233
Metallic Flower Bead Strand - SILVER - (Click to enlarge)

Metallic Flower Bead Strand - 12 x 15mm

 SILVER - 12 pc (Approx)
Silver plated, oblong beads. Silver plated flower metallic bead strand. 15mm beads. 7 inch strand. 1 strand per package.
QTY: 12 pc (Approx)          Price: 3.49
Item #: 1999-2232
Oval Pearl Beads - SILVER PLATED - Oval Beads - Pearl Oval Beads - Oat Beads - Wheat Beads(Click to enlarge)

Oval Pearl Beads - 3 mm x 6 mm

 SILVER PLATED - Approx. 1250 pc
These 3 mm x 6 mm, silver plated, loose pearl beads are perfect for adding a glamorous look to weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, and lavish events! Use alone or together with other beads to create jewelry, hair pieces, fill vases, scatter on tables, apply to scrapbooking, cards, etc. Can also be strung on a string and used as garland to weave and wrap around flower arrangements such as bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, or around your Christmas tree, candles, and other home decor. Approximately 1250 pieces per package
QTY: Approx. 1250 pc          Price: 5.39
Item #: 1118-94

BJ's Craft Supplies

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